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Amsterdam is a large Dutch speaking city located on the North Sea in the Netherlands poviding many items, skills and services. The links below provide information on what is avialable at each location although every item, skill, service, etc. may not be currently listed.

Amsterdam Shipyard

Languages Available in Amsterdam

Market Keeper sells trade items

Shopkeeper sells retail items

Pedlar sells remedies

Craftsman sells ship items and and has production shop

Tavern employs a waitress, sells food and drink, offers aides for hire

Trainer offers pet rearing and pet food production shop

Interpreter sells translation notes

Cafeteria Owner sells food and drink

Archives is where you browse books for hidden information

Guilds are your job headquarters, they are not the same as a company

Governors Mansion special permits and report discoveries

Mercator House report discoveries

Erasmus Estate report discoveries, tarot cards

Frederick Estate

Bicker Company House report discoveries

Bank deposits, withdraws, storage and more

Church several characters here

Flower Woman commissions ornaments



Art Dealer

Company Houses 1-18 where all transactions involving private companies are performed

Administration Office view and create companies

Living Quarters enter private quarters, visit other quarters

Maritime Academy beginner school for Trader, Adventurer and Battle jobs

Port Official